About Me

Experiences shape the way I see life, and I’m no stranger to adapting to new environments. As a young boy, I moved to a small town in East Texas from Nigeria and was thrust into a contrasting life. This experience molded who I am as a person and birthed my approach to interacting with people and reading energies, both in front of and behind the lens. 
Curiosity led me to photography, and since my start in 2017, my work has been featured in ten fashion publications. I believe that maintaining that curiosity has helped pull out emotions during the shoots.
All in all, I am a truth hunter… a story seeker. I believe imperfection is beauty and value vulnerability. I recognize how stories shape identity and how they evolve over time. Yet, photography offers the opportunity to capture the honesty of a single present moment. I strive to express the authentic truths in each present moment, a vulnerability that creates community in art and cultivates a sense of belonging through story.   

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